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Bungalow rules

  • Bungalows must be vacated before 12 pm (consult reception during off-peak season).
  • Sheets, cleaning products and toilet paper are included in the price.
  • Smoking inside the bungalows is prohibited.
  • Rubbish must be put in the waste containers in the campsite car park.
  • The set of cooking equipment should be complete; if anything is missing, inform reception. Passing cooking equipment from one bungalow to another between groups is prohibited.

Internal Regulation of Camping Etxarri

Every camper is obliged to comply with the norms of the Foral Decree 24/2009 of March 30, 2009, whose extracts are specified below and the rules of this Internal Regime regulation. In general, you must respect all the principles of civilized life.


2.- All campers can enter the Camping Etxarri, without distinction of race, sex, social status or nationality, over 16 years of age and minors accompanied by their parents or person responsible for them and who have duly formalized their entry registration in the Camping.


3.- The right of Admission is reserved. The Etxarri Camping management will invite any camper who does not comply with the most elementary rules of education and social coexistence to leave the campsite.


4.- All the campers, when requesting a place in the reception office, must register in the Entry Registration forms. The campsite management must require all campers the Identity Document, Passport or similar document.


5.- The Customers of Etxarri are invited to keep the following rules:


a) Respect the plants and facilities of the site.


b) Respect the rest period that includes from 24 hours until 7 hours the following day, during which the absolute silence will be maintained.


c) The maximum speed allowed inside the campsite is 10 km / h. In order not to disturb the rest of the campers, from 11 pm to 8 am the next day, no vehicle may move, enter or leave the camping site and must be parked outside.

Salmenta eta Ezeztapen baldintzak

Egonaldiaren erreserba baieztatzeko 30 euro ordaindu beharko dituzu partzela erreserbatzen baduzu, eta 75 euro, bungalow, etxola edo aterpea bada.

Beranduenez, egonaldia hasi baino 5 egun lehenago baliogabetu ahal izango duzu erreserba, inolako zehapenik gabe. Emandako dirua 30 eguneko epean itzuliko dizugu, erreserba baliogabetu duzun egunetik zenbatuta.  Erreserba egonaldia hasi baino aurreko 5 egunetan baliogabetzen baduzu, lehendabiziko gaua bakarrik kobratuko dizugu, eta 30 eguneko epean itzuliko dizugu gainerako dirua, baliogabetzea egin duzun egunetik kontatuta.


Egonaldia hasi behar den egunean kanpinera bertaratu ezean, emandako diruak zenbat eguneko egonaldia estaltzen duen, egun horietarako guztietarako gordeko da erreserbatutako tokia.


Erreserbarako emandako diru-kopurua ordainagiritik deskontatuko da, salbu eta kanpinean kalteak eragin badira (hausturak egin badira, etxeko gauzaren bat falta bada, giltza galdu bada edo tokia zikina utzi bada). Kasu horretan, kalte horiei dagokien zenbatekoa deskontatuko zaio kanpinlariari.


Paraje de Danbolintxulo, s/n


Teléfono. +34 948 460 537


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